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How do you obtain the prices much cheaper than in other art galleries?

It is very easy; we print out limited sets of 25 to 200 copies depending on the formats, adding up to a total of 500 prints per photography, whereas galleries would usually only have 5 or 10 copies of the same photography. By doing so, a photographer will still earn as much with the prints from L’Œil Ouvert as with the lower number of prints that other art galleries would have made.

Can the photos of L’Œil Ouvert be displayed in another gallery?

No, photos are chosen by both L'Œil Ouvert and the photographers and are not to be displayed anywhere else. Nevertheless, our photographers also display other artworks in galleries. Besides, the pictures of L'Œil Ouvert can be published in the press, on a completely different support.

How are the photographers paid?

The photographers earn money for each of their product being sold. L’Œil Ouvert provides the public with excellent quality artworks at an affordable price and pays the photographer a fair amount. This is an essential policy at L'Œil Ouvert.

What happens when a limited artwork has sold out?

L’Œil Ouvert makes a commitment to limit the number of copies as announced on the website. If an artwork has sold out, then it will not be available for sale anymore.

Can I hang your photos directly on the walls?

Yes, the prints of L'Œil Ouvert are always contre-collé on aluminum and delivered with a wall hook. But you can also choose to frame them with a frame from L'Œil Ouvert or with a frame of your own.

An online gift was sent to me. How do I choose my print?

You can visit us at the gallery, or alternatively call us to choose your artwork print.