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About us

Contemporary photography teems with world insights and artistic talents. Why should it be restricted to only a few?

We created L'oeil ouvert in 2005 with the ambition to participate in giving a broader access to arts.

Since then, we have been proposing more than 500 original artworks in limited editions to Art amateurs, many of them neing new collectors. Our artworks are more accessible than other unique artworks presented in traditional galleries but guaranties the quality of the print and of its selection.

Going from the artist work to the print producing, we always kept in mind that accessibility cannot undermine the quality of the Artwork.

Since 2005, L'oeil ouvert lives a passion of being open minded, curious , and constantly renewing what we offers it clients and collectors.



Limited prints editions:


The editions range from 25-100 prints depending on the formats and type of prints.

All our prints are sold in limited editions, numbered and signed by the artist.

On every artwork you will find on the back the signature of the artist and the number of edition specific to this print as well as a reminder of what editions it is printed in. It is at the same time a guaranty the number of your print and its edition but as well a controlled production with a exceptional quality and care.

When all the prints in an edition are sold, the artwork is just removed from sale. We have a vast collection that constantly renews itself, which allows us to give you all year around a wide choice of exceptional artworks.

The Production:


The production of prints are entirely made in France by specialized craftsmen. The prints are individually controlled at each stage from the laboratory to the framing and the packaging is done by hand.

The Artists:


Artistes are the heart of L'oeil ouvert. They are paid on a fair basis : The artists receive a significant part of each sale of a print.

Each artwork at L'oeil ouvert has been the object of an artistic project with the artist to determine the prints in a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

An exclusive collection:


The artworks displayed at L'oeil ouvert are exclusively in the form of exposition prints in limited edition. This implies that we have with the artists determined the artworks and the number of prints available for the gallery.

The restoration of our ancient photography, is effectuated with the collaboration of private collectors and museums owners of the original prints, they are the result of 30 years of experience in photographic restoration, and are exclusive at L'oeil ouvert

You can eventually find those same images in the newspapers or magazines but on radically different quality.

We follow the artists over a long period of time which allows us to understand and transmit the artwork as a whole. We are brought to enrich regularly the selection displayed at the gallery, and allow us to follow the artistic evolution of the artist.