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Noty Aroz

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El Mourcièlago

L'oeil ouvert - Editions d'artiste - Estampes
L'oeil ouvert - Editions d'artiste - Estampes




At the intersection of street art and entertaining art, Noty Aroz is a duo of artists from the area of Paris, who are friends since childhood. Together, they share their passion for drawing.

When they were 12, during an artistic stroll, the duo crossed the path of an old adventurer, sociologist and anthropologist who became their mentor. For several years, this professor taught them about the foundations of fictitious syncretism and socio-theological theories based on a new emerging religion, "Mythologeny" (The fact that some people venerate limitlessly certain fictional and traditional beliefs, anchored in reality and not in the past). The teacher baptized these two young men as "Noty Aroz", a graphic anagram meaning to preach the good word. Aroz studied history while Noty studied scriptwritting. They incarnate two contemporary apostles and their phophet, after nourishing with intellectual knowledge, the duo experimented with a process to predict the new religious icons, "Mythologeny".

A protean practice that combines geek culture and a sacred character. With these features, the Mythology of the 'Y' generation was born. Even their mediums support the idea of hybridization of the sacred/real, since their practice of doing stencil in 3 dimensions confronts a noble and sacred practice with a popular tool. The background combines with the shape with dexterity, in their stencils, sculptures and wild posters. The digital tool is bypassed since their creations remain an exclusively artisanal work. The graphic creations of Noty Aroz are the result of a meticulous and detailed work of analyzation where each symbol incites to reflection and to transcription. The characters come out of fiction to take root in reality.

The sacred mixes with a meaningful reality. Noty Aroz exhibit their work international and recurrently, in Rome, Lisbon, Ho-Chi Minh, Paris, they have had a dazzling success.